An Uncluttered Holiday

As professional organizers, particularly when we are helping folks downsize or declutter their home, we see how hard gifts are to give up.  Even if the gift was not to their liking, doesn’t fit, doesn’t go with the color of the room, folks often have a hard time parting with these items.   This year, with a little planning you can create Holiday gifts that won’t sit in a closet, box or bag.  We’ve tried to offer a wide price range and a wide variety of ideas to cover various interests:  

1.       A Manicure/Pedicure, otherwise known as a Mani-Pedi.   This is a great gift for Mom or sis, but even more fun if you can make it a family affair (and, hey, guys go to nail salons, too!)

2.       “Tea” At Your Local Ladies Restaurant.  For the ladies in your life, most love a trip to the local luncheon hot spot. The day after Christmas might be a perfect day to slip away for a quiet break.

3.       A Massage.  There aren’t too many folks that would turn down a massage.  The prices are reasonable these days.  But if you have someone who seems to forget to take care of herself, rather than provide a conventional gift certificate, make the day truly memorable by booking her appointment and taking her to the massage studio.  You might even join her. 

4.       A Facial.  While a close companion of the massage, this might be a better option for those who are unable to participate in a massage or have dry or problem skin. 

5.       A Gift Gertificate for a Session with a Professional Organizer.  You didn’t think we’d leave that one out, did you?  Most organizers have various packages.  If Mom or Dad have been complaining about closets, pantry or kitchen cabinets, or they’d just like a little decluttering here or there, a session with a professional organizer might be just the ticket. 

6.       A Football/Hockey/Basketball Game.  There are many folks who would rather to go to a ball game with the kids than to a fancy restaurant. 

7.       Show up for important holiday religious services.   Whatever your faith, there is often nothing more meaningful to the folks who care about you than having you attend traditional services.

8.       A Flower Arrangement.  We often think of flower arrangements when we think of Mother’s Day or birthdays, but what about providing a beautiful arrangement for the holiday table? Rather than an 800 number flower company, try contacting a local florist directly.  You will get a much better product and you will be supporting a local business.  A local florist should be equipped to talk through your custom order and get it delivered if you can’t be there in person.

11.   A House Cleaning Crew.  What a nice surprise to offer Mom a break from housecleaning around the holidays. Mopped floors, clean bathrooms and kitchen might be just the ticket.  Make sure you know if your Mom would appreciate the help. 

12.   A Hobby Day.  Do you know a painter, a scrapbooker?   Find a special class for their interest. Make the arrangements and set it up, it’ll even be more fun if you go, too.  

13.   Breakfast in bed.  It’s hard to go wrong with this one. 

14.   Volunteer together.  Feeding the homeless, picking a name off an Angel Tree, singing carols in the neighborhood. These are memories you will never forget.

15.   Tickets to a Concert. Find out who is coming to town, Harry Connick, Jr., Jimmy Buffett, Michael Buble, Maroon 5, the local symphony, Taylor Swift, and all kinds of music in between are just a few that come to mind.  What a treat if you can find tickets! 

 Well, there you have it, a professional organizer’s clutter-free list for gift giving.  We hope we got your wheels turning about how to honor the idea of gift-giving without adding clutter to the mix.  We know more than the “stuff” you offer,  your family and friends will be delighted that you are honoring them by carefully considering what experiences they might love.