What I'm Passionate About

Someone asked me this week to post in a Facebook group what I am passionate about and while that is something I think about a lot, it hit me squarely in the face today. What am I REALLY passionate about? I mean other than my family, my country, the ability to live in a free society where I can VOTE. 

What am I really passionate about? I’m passionate about women (and men) living their fullest life for as long as they want to live it. I’m passionate about women disappearing, hiding in the background, hiding inside ourselves because as we get older, suddenly we don’t want to be seen. Why is that? Why is it somehow is unseemly for us to be visible? We hide behind weight, we hide on the beach in shorts or capris so folks won’t see our wrinkles or our fat, we quit getting our pictures taken because we have wrinkles – we look weird to ourselves so we must look weird to others. And video – OMG forget it!

I’m passionate about the fact that we are treated differently in the workforce, and I’m really passionate about the fact that age discrimination is a thing that corporations are proud of. I’m passionate about the fact that if you are a woman over 50 in the corporate world, you almost have no chance of changing jobs and if you do, you have to expect to make 20% less in your new job (yep, this is real look it up!).

I’m passionate about the fact that our value is minimized by male executives in the workforce and that minimization is allowed by women leaders in the workforce because they are struggling to survive there, too.

I’m passionate about telling the stories of successful women who have bucked the system, won the race, earned the right to sit at any table they want to. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder, I don’t have the “poor me syndrome”, because my corporate run was pretty successful and I will find great success in my new life, too. But I love the stories, and I want to share them so others can follow and others can learn to play the game…or better yet beat them at their own game. Yep, that’s me. I am a now a professional organizer and educator by day and a Podcaster by night. I’d love to know (and share?) your story, too