Who Am I and Why and I Here?


As a kid, my mom insisted that we make our beds and keep our rooms neat.  We were a military family so keeping a neat home was an expectation that we weren't given the option to argue about.  As  teen, my bedroom was probably messy from time to time, but in my family we put our clothes in the hamper, made our beds and put things away.  As a little girl, when I dreamed about my happily ever after, I never imagined it as anything but perfect.  A perfect little house, that was perfectly neat. 


Well, I grew up, got married, had kids and the clutter struggle began.  Toys, diapers, portable cribs and high chairs were now the norm.  Toddler/kid clutter later turned into teen clutter: books, DVDs, CDs, lots and lots of clothes...which meant we needed a bigger house.  We upgraded.  We bought stuff.  Three corporate long-distance moves helped eliminate some of the clutter, but when I accepted a VP position back home in Atlanta, we got a big house with a pool.  We looked around and realized we need more OF EVERYTHING.  About that time we discovered the fun of auctions.  At auction we bought Persian carpets, concrete pool statues, awesome chandeliers...you get the idea. 

I was traveling 4 to 5 days per week while managing a $20,000,000 contract load.   I had the corporate title, money and trappings, but I was working in a job that I hated, to buy things for a house that was too big, so we could impress people that never had time to visit.  I felt suffocated by the stuff and the responsibility to maintain it all.


An avid reader, I started delving into self-help books and began to understand why I was unhappy.  I realized that I needed to simplify my life and simplify my spaces, as I am happiest when I am in an orderly, simple environment.  I finally understood that too much visual noise drained my energy.  Further, the quest for "more" was keeping me trapped in an unhealthy work environment. 


So, I decided to change.  I changed careers, I changed my living environment, and I changed how I look at the items I chose to put in our home.  I decided to forgive myself for buying too many clothes.  I decided that we could clear out the garage of my excesses so we could park in it again, I also realized that my mom had the right of it all along in her simple daily strategies for life:  make the bed, put your clothes in the hamper, don't buy more than you need.  

Now I make a living helping others do the same.  Using the management and organizational skills I learned in the corporate world and pulling from my own personal experiences, I focus on creating systems to make life work better.  I also have the privilege of tackling important life-changing moves AND I help families find the peace and joy of an organized space that WORKS.  Oh, I also help folks forgive themselves for buying that concrete pool statue (I kept mine and put her to good use, but THAT's another story).