The Simple guide to online income

As a successful professional organizer I love the 1:1 interaction and coaching relationship with my clients, but i had a desire for something more. I started researching online business opportunities and began taking online courses. After a year of study and investing thousands of dollars, I determined many courses are too complex for folks to complete and implement. Since organizing is my jam, I have synthesized what I have learned and created The Simple Guide to Online Income. This reasonably priced course offers beginners the details about how to start an online business or sidehustle, including streamlined technology, tutorials for key apps, and social media strategies. If you are ready to change your life like I am click here.

Woman Reinvented-Home

Coming Soon! Reinventing yourself can truly start in your home. If your home and the things in it are an albatross around your neck, it’s hard to move forward in the other areas of your life. This on-line course will feature a step by step organizing plan, an awesome support group, and bonus content from leading organizing specialists for unique challenges. A bonus version is in play for those of you who anticipate downsizing (one of my favorite topics).

woman Reinvented-Career

Coming Soon! With years of recruiting leadership under my belt, I will share strategies for getting what you want in your corporate career and tricks about how to add a side hustle to work your way out of corporate life. We’ll explore the sobering statistics of female workers and learn about ‘retirement’ strategies to give you the life you dream of.